A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Made for the Godot Wild Jam #18.

This was my first game jam and the first game i would say i have finished. It is Inspired by the amazing Devil Daggers. Of course there are some bugs left and it is a little bit to easy. Handling more enemies and improving their behavior would require to rewrite big parts of the game. That said, i learned a lot during this project.

- Kill enemies or block their bullets to charge your sword.

- Killing charges your sword over the limit.

- The sword vibrates when fully loaded.

- Perform a full attack to shoot.

- Enemies becoming more agressive as the game progresses.

  • Wildcard: 80s Baby!
  • Godot Version: 3.2 stable

Install instructions

  • Just extract the .zip file to a folder and its ready to run
  • Not yet tested on Linux and MacOSX


Plague Bots for Linux.zip 18 MB
Plague Bots for MacOSX.zip 18 MB
Plague Bots for Windows.zip 17 MB


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broooooo, this is great, btw could your share the source, i wanna learn this

Cool game, especially for a first game. Had a hard time figuring out how to kill bots without being a kamikaze. Good visuals and music


Great thanks! I hope you enjoyed figuring it out.